Use Employee Advocacy to turn your staff into digital brand ambassadors

Perhaps this should be obvious, but messaging needs scale.

It can’t just be a matter of one person shouting something, not even if that person or association has a million followers. Sometimes, the best message needs lots of voices behind it, promoting widely. On its own, a retweet may not be enough—but neither will a message based on a robotic script. It needs to feel lived-in, authentic, like something those people would actually say.

But who can you get to do this kind of messaging for you? Your members might do it on their own, but even they need a push. Who do you know who’s already in lockstep and can spread an important message to the broader world?

How about your staff? Sure, it may not be in their job description, but many of them have existing social presences, some of them quite large or perhaps even underutilized. They might even be thought leaders in their community.

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