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Employee Advocacy: The Most Powerful Voice for Your Brand Comes from Within

Building a brand can be a difficult exercise. Every business wants to be seen, heard and noticed, which makes the challenge of standing out all the more difficult. Even if you do manage to cut through the noise, many people still won’t trust a company’s marketing spin. People are any organisation’s most trustworthy resource, making […]

Struggling to Unlock the Potential of Employee Advocacy?

“Is this thing on …?” That’s what comes to mind when I ask B2B marketers how they’re doing with employee advocacy. The good news is most senior marketers understand the benefits of having employees champion the company they work for on social media. And if you look at who’s consistently sharing brand content, no surprise, […]

32 Eye-Popping Employee Advocacy Statistics That Matter the Most

You probably have noticed more publications, companies, and even experts in marketing or sales talking more about the power of employee advocacy. It is especially important these days as social networks have become massive centers for connecting with prospects and customers. On top of that, 76% of individuals surveyed say that they’re more likely to […]

How To Start An Employee Advocacy Program

Getting the flames of employee advocacy started is daunting; there are a million questions on what makes it worth it (which I’m happy to answer, check here), will it be effective, etc. But after that, how do you get it lit? How do you get it running? There are a few questions that you need […]

Can Employee Generated Content Help Solve Manufacturing Content Marketing Challenges?

PWC’s Manufacturing COO Pulse Survey 2021 shows that buyers’ increasing demand for digital channels will have the biggest business impact for all B2B manufacturing industries over the next 1-2 years. B2B manufacturers have generally lagged behind the digital curve, understandably when you consider the complex physical products that can be hard to translate digitally. Back […]

5 Employee Advocacy Best Practices

Over the past weeks, I’ve talked a lot about how to launch an employee advocacy program and how it can help both you and your employees to be more successful. But the work doesn’t stop there. Once you have your employees up and sharing, there are a few key levers to pull to maximize your […]

How Does Employee Advocacy Help My Company

Every company dreams of engaged employees sharing firm content out of the goodness of their heart. The reality however is that pulling the trigger on employee advocacy can be very difficult companies. They have trouble getting started. Is it worth the risk? Is it worth the effort? Whose job is it? I always hear the […]

Employee advocacy can improve content marketing performance

Content is a powerful way for marketers to convey their unique voice. What better way to show your enthusiasm for content than putting its creation in the hands of your employees? The organization is accepting employee advocacy in content marketing, and 86% of employees participate in such programs Describe its impact on the profession as […]

How Sellers Are Extending the Corporate Brand

When social media reached the mainstream, marketers were among the first adopters. More than ten years later, it’s sellers who are reshaping how companies view social media. At the corporate level, businesses have deployed social media strategies designed to increase share of voice. This is increasingly true in organizations with employee advocacy programs. The barrage […]

Four great lessons in human-centric marketing

When I wrote ‘Marketing Rebellion’, I proposed that in the end, “the most human company wins.” I believe in our hearts we all seek communion with real humans, and to the extent, we can do that with our companies, we’ll survive and thrive in these perilous times. The book is a call-to-action for human-centric marketing. […]