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Four benefits your brand can unlock with better employee advocacy

Huge sums are poured into marketing campaigns every year. But one line item that is often overlooked by brands, says Shirley Boudaher, is one of the most underutilised marketing tools available – the staff. Specifically, we are talking about the notion of ‘employee advocacy’, which simply refers to employees actively promoting their workplace across their […]

How brands can build authenticity and trust with employee advocacy

Above all else, consumers want trust. When working with influencers, brands must think about who they align themselves with and whether or not it’s appropriate for them to work together. That’s why brands must be influenced by authentic human communication, rather than ‘corporate jargon’, says Stephanie Genin, global vice president enterprise marketing, Hootsuite. Klik hier […]

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4 Tips to Help Improve Your Employee Advocacy Efforts

There are many reasons why employers struggle to get their employees to engage with their company social media accounts. One of the most common reasons for lack of engagement is that employees view social media as their personal space – they enjoy keeping personal accounts separate from work, and the privacy that comes with it. […]

How to encourage employee advocacy on social media

Business advocacy on social media is essential to the success of a company. But too often a company overlooks its greatest pool of potential advocates: it’s own employees! Klik hier om het artikel bij Media Update verder te lezen  

10 Steps on the Employee Influencer Journey [Infographic]

Establishing an employee advocacy program can significantly boost the reach and resonance of your digital marketing efforts – but it’s not necessarily a simple process. For example, it’s one thing to ask your employees to share your latest company updates with their connections, but it’s another altogether to force them to do so, or set […]

‘Echte interesse van echte mensen, daar gaat het om’

‘Collega’s inzetten voor promotie werkt bij ons ook goed, veel medewerkers zijn gemotiveerd en trots. We zijn dus continu bezig met interviewblogs, iedereen is altijd enthousiast om hieraan mee te werken en te vertellen over zijn of haar werk. Collega’s delen ook veel, vooral op LinkedIn. Daar is iedereen wel actief.’ Megan Lehé van Brunel […]

Study: B2B Marketers Underestimate The Power of Thought Leadership

Thought leaders are industry experts that people turn to for advice and put great value in their opinions. They are the leaders of the business world. Thought leadership is a term marketers use often in reference to the content that these industry experts share. This form of content is typically used to elevate the name […]