LinkedIn Publishes Employee Advocacy Program Checklist

Looking to kick-start your own employee advocacy program?

You probably should be – with social platform algorithms putting increased emphasis on person-to-person engagement, and sharing between friends, employee advocacy can be a great way to boost your brand messaging, and reach new audiences by utilizing the capacity of your staff to share your branded content.

But there’s more to it than simply making employees share a templated post. In fact, we’d recommend against that approach – chances are that most people who see such a post from a member of your staff are connected to more than one of your employees on social, which will mean they’ll see the same copy and pasted message more than once, highlighting that it hasn’t been shared with any genuine enthusiasm.

That can have the opposite of the intended effect – if people think that your employees aren’t engaged and are only sharing posts on social because they’ve been told to, that could undermine your entire effort.

So what do you do? What are the key steps of an effective employee advocacy effort?

Check out this list from LinkedIn, which is taken from their new guide ‘The Network Effect of Employee Advocacy’

Klik hier om het eBook van LinkedIn te lezen

Bron: Social Media Today

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