Can Employee Generated Content Help Solve Manufacturing Content Marketing Challenges?

PWC’s Manufacturing COO Pulse Survey 2021 shows that buyers’ increasing demand for digital channels will have the biggest business impact for all B2B manufacturing industries over the next 1-2 years.

B2B manufacturers have generally lagged behind the digital curve, understandably when you consider the complex physical products that can be hard to translate digitally. Back in 2020, CMI’s Content Marketing Manufacturing survey showed that only 30% of manufacturers said that their content marketing was sophisticated or mature. 39% were just at the “adolescent stage” – seeing some early success – or at earlier stages.

Yet, like other industries the pandemic has driven the need for change, with buyers coming to expect (and demand) to be able to connect via digital channels – as PWC’s survey shows.

The manufacturing industry faces particular challenges regarding content creation which employee generated content can help solve. I’m going to share the what and the how in this blog, along with five easy ways to get your experts involved with content creation.

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