How Does Employee Advocacy Help My Company

Every company dreams of engaged employees sharing firm content out of the goodness of their heart. The reality however is that pulling the trigger on employee advocacy can be very difficult companies. They have trouble getting started. Is it worth the risk? Is it worth the effort? Whose job is it? I always hear the excuses that people don’t have enough content, or enough followers or the engaged employees to even make it worth it.

Get over the excuses and get started because the ROI on employee engagement blows any other forms of marketing out of the water.

Since the pandemic, it has become blatantly obvious how impactful social media is on every aspect of our lives. When you don’t have your employees sharing the word about your company online, it’s like leaving all the lights off in your building, locking the door, and sending everyone home who could talk to potential clients.

If your employees are quiet on social, it is a missed opportunity.

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