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Employee advocacy: A social marketing trend that can transform your customer base

When it comes to using influencers in your social marketing strategy, you don’t always need to look to outsiders with “power” profiles like local or national celebrities. Instead, you can use regular employees to tout your products and services across multiple platforms. This trend is known as employee advocacy, and it can be powerfully effective. […]

Four key ways a brand can set up an army of employee advocates

It’s important for businesses to tap into the power of their people – and how they possess a deeper understanding of customer needs – as well as the type of digital comms they want to interact with. Empowering staff can transform a firm’s online presence and ROI too, because customers often trust those they know […]

How Employees Can Improve Organic Reach and Engagement

Want more organic reach for your social media content? Have you considered working with select employees to expand your reach? In this article, you’ll discover how to identify and work with in-house influencers to improve organic reach and engagement for your social media content. Klik hier om bij Social Media Examiner verder te lezen

Use Employee Advocacy to turn your staff into digital brand ambassadors

Perhaps this should be obvious, but messaging needs scale. It can’t just be a matter of one person shouting something, not even if that person or association has a million followers. Sometimes, the best message needs lots of voices behind it, promoting widely. On its own, a retweet may not be enough—but neither will a […]

Employees As Influencers: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Brands are expected to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing in the next few years, yet many ignore the best brand ambassadors that money can’t buy, who are showing up for the very brands day in and day out: their employees. As a concept, employee advocacy programs (or employee ambassador or employee influencer initiatives) are […]

Why Employee Advocacy is Essential For Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Influencer marketing is big business. In a survey by Rakuten Marketing, they found that eight out of ten consumers have purchased something after seeing it recommended by an influencer. So, there’s no surprise in a similar report, Linqia found that 39% of surveyed marketers were planning on increasing their influencer marketing spend in the next […]

Interne influencers in opmars: #internfluencer

Collega’s die enthousiast content delen over hun bedrijf. Is dat een naïeve natte droom? Of een veredelde plicht voor de medewerker? Allebei een beetje. Maar in 2020 zal deze employee advocacy uitgroeien tot een gezamenlijk, haalbaar doel. En dat alles met behulp van een paar zetjes. Klik hier om het artikel op Frankwatching verder te lezen

How Does an Employee Advocacy Program Work?

No one is better equipped to share your organization’s messages than its employees. After all, they know your brand from the inside out. And given an estimated 79 percent of adults in the United States use social media, according to a 2019 study published by Edison Research, most of your employees likely already use at least […]

Het recept voor LinkedIn-succes: creëer het badbruisbaleffect

LinkedIn is een platform van mensen. Het algoritme vindt die menselijke interactie dan ook erg belangrijk. Dat betekent dat het algoritme positief reageert op menselijk contact van mensen. Het gevolg: een bedrijfspagina wordt minder gewaardeerd en heeft een minder groot bereik. Is dat een probleem? Als je alleen die bedrijfspagina aanmaakt, dan wel. Maar er […]

The Reasons Employees Ignore Sharing Your Company Blog Content

Part of your organization’s marketing strategy is probably focused on creating content to educate your customers and to attract new potential buyers. Additionally, your company might also be encouraging employees to help engage and share the content to their social networks. But a challenge your company might face with the blog content is that it […]