Every company dreams of engaged employees sharing firm content out of the goodness of their heart. The reality however is that pulling the trigger on employee advocacy can be very difficult companies. They have trouble getting started. Is it worth the risk? Is it worth the effort? Whose job is it? I always hear the […]

Content is a powerful way for marketers to convey their unique voice. What better way to show your enthusiasm for content than putting its creation in the hands of your employees? The organization is accepting employee advocacy in content marketing, and 86% of employees participate in such programs Describe its impact on the profession as […]

When social media reached the mainstream, marketers were among the first adopters. More than ten years later, it’s sellers who are reshaping how companies view social media. At the corporate level, businesses have deployed social media strategies designed to increase share of voice. This is increasingly true in organizations with employee advocacy programs. The barrage […]

When I wrote ‘Marketing Rebellion’, I proposed that in the end, “the most human company wins.” I believe in our hearts we all seek communion with real humans, and to the extent, we can do that with our companies, we’ll survive and thrive in these perilous times. The book is a call-to-action for human-centric marketing. […]

Using employees as influencers is a strategy that remains alive and well. Aura, a personalized hair-care and hair dye brand born out of eSalon in January, has relied on an employee advocacy program since its launch. Its purpose is to help pad out the brand’s Instagram and bring authenticity to the young company. It is […]

Are you wasting time sharing content to company pages? Maybe. Company pages just aren’t very effective. LinkedIn is all about the users. LinkedIn users care most about other users. It’s time you do, too. Klik hier om bij Forbes verder te lezen

Voor heel wat bedrijven is het alle hens aan dek om het juiste talent zélf aan te werven. Vanuit HR en recruitment sta je er echter niet alleen voor. Al worden eén van de belangrijkste helpende handen wel eens vergeten: collega’s! In deze blog ontdek je dan ook 10 manieren waarop jij je collega’s actief […]

Social media has become, for many people, a key aspect of their daily lived experience. As time has gone on, this once novel concept has become so ingrained in our society that many of us use social media as an extension of our public life, as we have quickly become aware that no social platform […]

“België is een bijzonder land, zeker op het vlak van HR. In Wallonië vinden we kandidaten net iets makkelijker, omdat de job van bewakingsagent hoog staat aangeschreven. In Vlaanderen wordt deze functie vaak gezien als een opstap naar het leger of de politie, dat beeld willen wij natuurlijk veranderen. Bewaken is veel méér dan aan […]

If you’re working in the retail industry this holiday, chances are that your company wants to make you famous. Their way of doing it? Through TikTok. Digiday reports that retailers desperately want to make their employees famous on the platform to capitalize on the newfound popularity of the brand. In a way, retailers want to […]